Domio Moto: The Top Rated Helmet Audio System for Motorcycle Helmets

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Riding motorcycle is a very fun activity by itself but we do believe that this adrenaline rush activity can get even more bombastic with a special helmet that has a sophisticated and quality audio system. Domio Moto Set can be the right answer when you want to enjoy the condition that we mentioned above.

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Domio Moto occupies the top position as a high-quality motorcycle helmet audio system. For those of you who want a strong surround sound, perfect comfort, and full awareness while driving, then Domio Moto is the only right choice.

Each Domio Moto is equipped with a two helmet holder which is supported by 3M TM so you can use this audio system on many helmets. With more than 100dB of sound output, it delivers clear Hi, clear Mid, and deep Lo, no matter the driving speed and noise level.

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The key technology on this add-on is coming in the shape of Vibro-Audio TM technology that is embedded in Domio as it transfers sound as vibrational energy directly to your helmet. In fact, you can even use it without the insertions or earphones.

The crisp and clear sound produced will not block or close your ears, while you can also still hear sounds from the environment so it is safe to use while riding.

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In order to indulge the public, Domio Moto is designed with full consideration in order to meet the needs of the audio system perfectly. You will find simple, intuitive, and easy-to-reach control buttons from Domio Moto. There are three control buttons that cover all playback functions on Domio.

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Domio Moto has a rough leather surface as a protector so it is resistant to water and shocks for a long time. In addition, you will find LED indicators that are always visible. The colors on the LED will be clearly visible on the battery monitor and the installation status.

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The powerful 3MTM-supported mounting adhesive ensures that the Domio moto will never fall even if you drive fast or shake due to uneven terrain. Precision spring mounting will lock Domio securely in place, no matter the curvature of your helmet.

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This add-on product is perfect for those of you who ride on a long-distance track because the audio system has quite a good battery life. The battery power allows you to use it for 24 hours. So, you don’t need to stop for charging the device.

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Like all modern devices nowadays, it is not complete without a steady connection via Bluetooth. All of the grande features of Domio Moto can only be unlocked after you connect it to a smartphone. Domio Moto is designed with Bluetooth 5.0 tech so that you can enjoy the clear and crisp sound of music that is on your smartphone playlist.

The product is marketed at a price tag of $149 for the single while the double pack is available at $299.

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