Naim Uniti Atom: A Stereo with Three Components in One

Naim Uniti Atom 6

Naim Uniti Atom is the only thing that you need for your favorite music at home. This stereo has three best components in one. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity with the built-in DAC too. Those three components will make the sound feels so powerful. You can also easily stream any sound and music from the web or your phone. Just use a button and all done.


General Features

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Naim Uniti Atom has general features for you which are easy to use. It has an AC power adapter. You can get 2 years full of warranty. The width of this powerful stereo is about 9-5/8 inches, 3-3/4 inches in height, and 10-3/16 inches in deep.


Wireless Music Streaming

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One of the best highlights from Naim Uniti Atom is the wireless music streaming. You don’t have to use any cable just for listening to your favorite music. You just have to turn on your smartphone Bluetooth or connect to Wi-Fi for streaming any music.


5 Inches LCD Glass Display

Naim Uniti Atom 3

Right on the front part of Naim Uniti Atom, there is 5 inches LCD glass display complete with the front-panel buttons. The LCD glass display is a full color that shows the information about the song, the artist, and also the album. The front-panel buttons consist of Play, Stop, and Favorites.


Integrated Amplifier

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Naim Uniti Atom is a stereo design with the integrated amplifier. This amplification comes from Naim’s iconic integrated amplifiers. The technology will make sure that the power supply works stable and smooth. The sound quality will be much better.



Naim Uniti Atom 5

The speaker outputs of Naim Uniti Atom is completed with the right (+/-) and the left (+/-) 4 mm speaker terminals. This speaker also comes with two detachable speaker plugs that can be used to be connected with wire speaker only.


Powerful Stereo

Naim Uniti Atom 6

Naim Uniti Atom not only gives you the best of its three components with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and built-in DAC but also gives you an easy use to be connected via Naim Control App. You can access a lot of streaming music services. That’s why this stereo can be called as a powerful stereo ever.

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