Surface Headphones: The Smarter Way to Listen

Surface Headphones 4

The so-called headphone wars have begun with Microsoft releasing one great headphone alongside their new Surface computers they called the new Surface Headphones. This headphone provides “real” wireless and noise canceling over-ear headphones.

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Not stopping with that, Microsoft also built the audio gadget around Cortana access with a unique design. In one word, it’s absolutely beautiful.



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The Surface headphone has a sleek chic modern design. The headphones have all grey metal cover with 40mm drivers and 15 hours of battery life. Microsoft provides a feature to pause automatically when the users take off the headphones. Surface Headphones also has touch controls on the right earcup which is used to control music like pausing, skipping tracks and also answering calls.

Surface Headphones 4

The Surface Headphones has rotating rings on both earcups. The right one will help a user to adjust the volume output. The left one will help you to scroll through 13 different levels of noise cancellation. This feature will completely block out the ambiance sound. This is quite an innovative way because modern wireless headphones only allow users to put on or off the noise cancellation features.

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Just like we said before, the Surface Headphones can connect to Cortana. This product has a long-press gesture to access Cortana. All you need to do is to say “Hey Cortana” and the virtual assistant will answer you from the PC or smartphone.



Surface Headphones 6

Surface headphones have dense and large cups that will cover your ears. This headphone also has memory foam padding which makes It really comfortable while using it for a long time. Now let’s talk about the sound quality,  the Surface Headphones didn’t quite release the detail but according to the user, the quality is up there with Sennheiser or Audio Technica.

Surface Headphones 2

If you are Basshead Types, this headphones really suit for you, cause the bass sound really strong and punchy. This kind of bass sound has a good presentation which for this kind of headphone is good enough for an audiophile. But for me, the most satisfying feature is the adjustable noise cancellation level.

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