Küschall Superstar Wheelchair: The World’s Lightest Wheelchair

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The Swiss wheelchair company, Kuschall, was moved to create the latest innovation through the design of a more efficient wheelchair. Known for its minimalistic design, this time, Kuschall presents the Kurchall Superstar edition wheelchair as one of the lightest wheelchair breakthroughs by utilizing the space-age material.

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Producing products with a connection between design and accessibility, Kuschall worked with one of the American manufacturing companies, Invacare as an effort to produce a product that was far more efficient. The Kuschall Superstar wheelchair is specifically designed and detailed to facilitate mobility for its users by putting forward a minimalistic concept.


Space-Age Materials

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“Superstar” is a next-gen wheelchair that applies futuristic materials to make the frame weigh only around 3.3 pounds. This material makes the wheelchair got 30 percent lighter than classic carbon-based wheelchairs. This is not all. Although it is substantially lighter than its competitors, this wheelchair is truly impressive with 20 percent tougher than its competitors.

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This wheelchair uses graphene material, the most extraordinary material in the world. In the form of honeycomb sheets – like pure carbon – with only one single atom. A million times thinner than the human hair, but has a strength 200 times stronger than steel.

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Graphene has been used in various ways, ranging from medical equipment to creating super-hard and lightweight wings for experimental aircraft. And now it is being moved to an accessibility room, thanks to the Superstar wheelchair.

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Not only does it use a super lightweight material, but it is also famous for being very strong which makes the Superstar a promising wheelchair. The Superstar wheelchair also applies an X-shaped geometry that is intended to improve performance and agility with exceptional vibration and absorption capacity.


Direct Drive – Look Closer!

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In addition, the manufacturer suggests the Superstar design will help minimize the risk of limb injuries; something that can affect around 50 to 70 percent of wheelchair users after a decade of using a wheelchair. To make it as smooth as possible, Küschall said that every Superstar wheelchair would be bespoke to order for each customer.

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This Superstar wheelchair will present a price which is of course rather expensive. But until now there has been no explanation regarding the price and availability of this super strong wheelchair. The co-development inscription is now closed so that means the product is launching soon.

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Küschall Superstar Wheelchair 3

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With this innovative wheelchair like a model that changes shape from a sitting position to a standing position, or this autonomous wheelchair made by robotics researchers, the Superstar will be the most futuristic high-tech wheelchair on the market.

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