Toyota Exo-Wheel Mobility Project – Level the Playing Field

Toyota Exo Wheel Mobility Project 6

There are various means of transport in the 21st century. You can walk, take a bicycle, drive a car, or ride a motorbike. Speaking of the next generation in personal mobility, Toyota seems to be a bit ahead of other big companies in term of opening the path for the disabled people.

Toyota Exo Wheel Mobility Project 7

By using the tagline “Level the Playing Field”, the Japan-based company present the Exo Wheel which is the next generation of personal mobility “gadgets”. Dub as P – robo 204 × on the technical aspects, the Exo Wheel is the face of the future of a wheelchair.


The Super Coolest Wheelchair

Toyota Exo Wheel Mobility Project 3

What is necessary to integrate personal mobility as a matter of course in everyday life? As one answer to that, Toyota made a wheelchair dub Exo-Wheel that can also be enjoyed by healthy people.

Toyota Exo Wheel Mobility Project 1

The Main features? Help disabled people to walk and stand freely. It is also capable to help utilize the ability to be actively involved in sports. The Exo Wheel has a complete maneuvering capability, a special mechanism to provide stability and high maneuverability according to the occasion.


Let’s Talk Science

Toyota Exo Wheel Mobility Project 2

To guarantee power assistance efficiency and walking safety, the assistance force or torque of powered exoskeleton systems should be adaptable to the user’s walking style and neural oscillators have been used in a number of studies to synchronize the motion between the human and the robot trajectories.

Toyota Exo Wheel Mobility Project 4

In exoskeletal robots, the quantification of the user’s muscular effort is important to recognize the user’s motion intentions and evaluate motor abilities.  It is important to extract the dynamic effects of the user’s limb accurately from the measured torque. The user’s limb dynamics are formulated and a convenient method of identifying user-specific parameters is suggested for estimating the user’s muscular torque in robotic exoskeletons.


Boosting and Helping Everyone

Toyota Exo Wheel Mobility Project 6

Rather than just “riding” on it, The Exo Wheel is also capable in helping on this three factors:

  • You can do sports as well as helping your daily life
  • Changing shape with one touch according to usage
  • Three maneuvers capability that can be changed freely

Toyota Exo Wheel Mobility Project 5

Regardless of whether it be around the workplace or on the field, the light-footed Exo-Wheel encourages individuals to travel through life. The prototype is being tested in Japan, but as Toyota still reluctant to share the estimated release of this exoskeleton-type wheelchair.

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