Bose Home Speaker 500: A Smart Speaker with The Widest Sound Ever

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The best home speaker ever is Bose Home Speaker 500. It is a smart speaker with some best features with the widest sound. This speaker is not only wireless but also designed with a full control of an app, touch, and even voice.


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Bose Home Speaker 500 is a single speaker with a wall-to-wall stereo. It has a superior voice pick up with six preset buttons. This speaker can be used with the personalized bose music app. The design is made with Amazon Alexa built-in, a full control, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.


Sound and Control


Bose Home Speaker 500 9

There are two custom drivers in this speaker that can create a wider sound than other speakers, help you to fill the whole room in the house with the best sound. The voice control can be used with Alexa, you just need to ask when you want to hear your something.



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The voice pickup technology allows you to start the party with music directly. There is a custom-designed eight-microphone array under the speaker surface that can hear you even when the music is loud. You just need to tap the mic-disable button to stop all the microphones and use the speaker features.



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You can all kinds of music as you want. It is very to use Bose Home Speaker 500 to play some music from your home Wi-Fi networks such as Amazon Music and Spotify. And in 2019, you can start to use it with the Apple Airplay 2.



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Using Bose Music app, it is very to browse and find your favorite music. The app also provides an easy way to control the speaker. It can be used by some multiple users to personalize their content and experience in listening to the music.



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Bose Home Speaker 500 2

The speaker comes in a premium design, both inside and outside part of it. The design has a good look as good as the quality of the sound. The aluminum body makes the speaker has a refined finish that can decorate your room.


New Family

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Bose Home Speaker 500 is a new family for the soundbars and smart speakers. They can be used together when you want to use enjoy the music in more rooms in your home. It is an easy way to bring the best entertainment to your life at home.

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