Kilburn II: Bluetooth Speaker with 20+ Hours of Portable Playtime

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Enjoy your favorite music more with Kilburn II. It is a portable Bluetooth speaker with 20+ hours of portable playtime. You don’t need any cords or wires. Only with a single charge, you can use Kilburn II to have the best audio ever at home.


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Besides the 20+ hours of playtime, Kilburn II also offers some best features for you. It has Bluetooth 5.0 aptX technology, a multidirectional sound for the incredible sound, and also durable design. The weight is only 2.5 kg with a compact dimension.



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The best thing about Kilburn II is its portable playtime for more than 20 hours. You just need to charge it once to enjoy music much longer. With the compact design and guitar style, Kilburn II has a perfect visual for you. The battery life can be tracked with the indicator located on the top panel.



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Kilburn II is made with a multi-directional sound. With Blumlein Stereo Sound, the sound will come in a larger range, a perfect technology to use it in outdoors. It is powered by 36 watts that can articulate and pronounce the sound well.



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The Bluetooth 5.0 aptX allows you to enjoy the music wirelessly. You can use this speaker with Bluetooth connection and your phone up to 30 feet of range. You don’t have to struggle with a long cable anymore with this portable speaker.



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Kilburn II has the best quality ever as a speaker. The design is durable with a water-resistant so you don’t need to worry when it gets wet. This speaker also features a multi-host functionality, makes it easy to switch and connect with two Bluetooth devices at once.


Custom and Charge

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The top panel of Kilburn II provides analog control knobs for the volume, treble and also bass. It allows you to set the best sound as you wish. With the quick charge, you only need 20 minutes to have 3 hours of playtime.

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