Classic Woodgrain BoomCase: The Ultra Portable with Clear and Crisp Sound

Classic Woodgrain Boomcase 4

Classic Woodgrain BoomCase can be the product of choice for use because this product is very simple and has the best quality. All of the premium features of this BoomCase can be seen from the quality of the layers of this portable speaker has a vintage outer layer.


We all know that the trend is a vintage model, so if it is combined with portable sound, it will definitely be very good as well as simple to carry around. Of course, with the best design, the Boomcase manufacturer does not rule out the quality of the speakers they made.

One thing is certain, these speakers have a very good quality for the sound quality produced. These speakers are equipped with two cloth dome tweeters plus It has frequency responses ranging from 65Hz to 21,000Hz.

Classic Woodgrain Boomcase 3

The Classic Woodgrain Boomcase has a power of 20 watts with 2 subwoofers that provide high-quality sound effects with deep bass. This portable speaker produces clear and clear sound with its 3-speaker mid-range. It has a compact design with 14 ″ x 12 ″ x 7 ″ for its dimensions and is very light in size only 12 lbs.

Classic Woodgrain Boomcase 4

A vintage design like this managed to attract the attention of many people to have a portable sound. All materials in the outer layer of these speakers use quality wood. Crystal clear and sharp sound is one of the attractions to choose this product.

The battery life is very long and is one of the features that are very satisfying for its users since these speakers can be carried wherever they go.

Classic Woodgrain Boomcase 2

This Classic Woodgrain can be recharged with a battery life of up to 16 hours nonstop with a single charge. It also comes with an audio cable and battery charger. One of the best things about this Classic Woodgrain BoomCase portable is that it works with all types of devices with a headphone output.

This BoomCase product also has a series of additional options such as battery meters, shoulder straps, wireless Bluetooth, volume knobs that can be obtained separately. The Classic Woodgrain BoomCase can be purchased for $ 495.

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