Sony Reon Pocket: The Real Wearable Air Conditioner

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While people in the northern part of the Earth can enjoy the changing of four seasons, Most of the country in Asia especially that are close to the equator can only enjoy two climates: hot and wet or hot and dry.

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For people who live in cities, heat and sweating are conditions that must be dealt with every day. The good news is, there is an interesting solution proposed by Sony. Over the years, many people have tried to create portable or wearable air conditioning systems – from small wooden cubes to start band-style wearables.

Till now, the concept is still far from complete until Sony comes up and offers a unique device called the Reon Pocket. The method of presentation is a little different from existing products, and Sony believes that their product is able to provide the best solution in dealing with heat.

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The main component of the Reon Pocket is the mini air conditioning unit, its size is smaller than a smartphone. But Reon Pocket does not work alone, Sony also includes special underwear with a small pocket on the upper back, where the user needs to slip the main module.

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Due to its mobility concept, the Reon Pocket is the only wearable air conditioner that interferes with the least amount of daily activities. The underwear in support of the Reon Pocket is also not haphazard. In its manufacture, Sony utilizes the Peltier element commonly used in cars or wine coolers.

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The miniature AC unit stores an internal battery that allows it to work for 90 minutes – long enough to ensure you stay cool on the go. After it runs out, the battery needs to be recharged for two hours.

All the settings can be controlled entirely via application. The Reon Pocket is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity.

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Interestingly, the device can act more than just a cooler. When needed, Sony Reon Pocket can also be used to warm the body. Sony claims that the device is able to reduce the temperature to 13 degrees Celsius or raise the surrounding temperature to 8.3 degrees Celsius.

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The wearable air condition from Sony was born from First Flight, which is a crowdfunding platform owned by the Japanese company. The public interest on Reon Pocket has been very positive as the project raised capital of more than $ 275,000.

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As for now, the Reon Pocket has only been marketed for consumers in Japan. The product is priced at around $ 130 and is set to be available in 2020. The release timing may be intentional, considering that next year, Tokyo will be the host of the Summer Olympics.

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