Pivot Vault: Unrivaled Gravel Speed, Uncompromising Versatility

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Recently, Gravel Bike has become the subject of conversation for bike lovers. Gravel bikes are practically multi-terrain because they are able to conquer various forms of tracks, ranging from smooth asphalt roads to a journey full of rock adventures. All tracks can be tackled smoothly.

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One of the most popular gravel bikes is Pivot Vault. This bike is very suitable for enduring the adventure to various forms of the road because it is built-in full carbon frame, has a lightweight body and uses a thru-axle that is useful as a cyclocross bike.

In appearance, the bike has a seat stay that looks elegant and has a curved top tube. With a 425 mm chainstay, the bike looks more stable and easy to control.

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In general, the speed of a bicycle will be unsteady and unstable when going through gravel roads. But, this will not happen if you ride on Pivot Vault.

This bike is specially designed to be able to conquer any road conditions, ranging from highways, rural roads to gravel roads. Everything can be overcome with large tire size, 420mm seatstays that are taut and Hollow Core Carbon frames.

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Every trip you take can be a fun adventure with Pivot Vault. Even the roughest roads you can pass stably and smoothly without worrying about slipping tires or other obstacles. In addition, an additional real estate from the bracket under BB386EVO, power transfers are able to be pushed the bike quite well.

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You can take this bike to travel anywhere bolder, even though you are quite a beginner in riding. The additional top tube bag bosses provide additional fuel to complete your journey because we never know when additional fuel will be needed.

Vault can turn into a high-performance bicycle, even resembling a winter training bicycle. Vault is not only designed with a front-mounted derailleur that is perfect for 2x displacement, but also perfect for 1x drivetrain removal.

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The Pivot Vault is the optimal bike for all drivetrains and is suitable for all seats and fits all tires. This bike also has all the performance that Gravel Bike has because it is able to reduce rocky or gravel road terrain so well that the ride feels smooth and easy.

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It is quite clear now that the Pivot Vault is one of the popular gravel bikes with its own advantages. For those of you who like biking, especially those who like to get on challenging tracks, Pivot Vault is must-try. To take this bike home, you need to be ready to get set up for $5,199.



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