Emory Motorsports: Providing The Best Vintage Porsche on The Market

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Nowadays, almost everyone has one private vehicle in the form of transportation. Besides being practical, a car or motorbike – or even a bike – can be used as a collection as well as an investment.

For those of you who are bored with the design of the car, you can just go ahead and try to get your imagination by looking at Emory Motorsports collection of cars that give a vintage impression on each of their product.

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The unique concept applied by Emory Motorsports makes many collectors or lovers of unique and classic cars definitely want to own one of this. In general, automotive manufacturers release products with certain stock so that the same product can be crafted, starting from the exterior design to the engine.

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However, you will find that each car that has been retouched by this company got its own uniqueness and color. Cars that are produced by Emory Motorsports are not to meet the stock to be sold, but they are built in accordance with the request of each buyer in order to get more iconic designs for each customer.

There are three categories of cars that are available on Emory Motorsports and we are going to outline each lineup.

Emory 356 Outlaw

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The first lineup is the original Emory or referred to as Emory Outlaw. The body and chassis are made of full steel, just like a factory-manufactured car in Germany. Emory Motorsports restores the quality concours to metal while strengthening the chassis in preparation for the modified 911 suspension and the Emory-Rothsport 4-cylinder engine.

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This car has a design that is inspired by the racing DNA embedded on the original car and the company altered the overall appearance to look the same. In this category, the company is prohibited from doing modification in Coupe, Speedster or Roadster models.

Emory Special

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The next one is called the Emory Special. This category is included in car creations based on the wishes of the owner with the characteristics of Rod Emory to enhance their appearance. The Emory Special has a specific design that will never be displayed the same way again because it is more focused on its uniqueness.

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This car has all the advantages of a standard restoration that exists, only with body modifications made to make it different from other Outlaw cars.

The changes that occur are quite subtle and proportional, so its owner will have difficulty identifying the changes. This car is equipped with an Emory-Rothsport Outlaw-4 engine as standard equipment.

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Emory RS

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The highest in the level of prestige of Emory Motorsports is Emory RS which is a special blend of Porsche models type 356 and 965. Although Outlaw 356 already has such superior specifications, Emory RS is designed with the best performance and vintage look.

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The combination of the chassis and suspension points of the Porsche 911 in the 90s combined with the beauty of the chassis and body 356 gives a high taste because it will display a stunning aesthetic.

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Emory Motorsports got their unique characteristics and uniqueness and by just looking at it, there is this feeling that you want to immediately take it home, especially if you have already tested the performance of the car. Fantastic!

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