Sony SA-Z1: The Pinnacle of Near Field Listening

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As one of the top electronics brands, it is natural that Sony must always present high-quality products. One closer example is this premium speaker, the Sony SA-Z1. Aimed at audiophiles, the Sony SA-Z1 was created with a choice of quality materials, the right structure, and topnotch electronic components.

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The series is designed specifically for elite audio enthusiasts who want the best every time the music is played. According to Sony, the speakers are in the highest level of quality with the use of aluminum material on the body to minimize the appearance of distortion caused by resonance.


In addition, the woofer layout structure which Sony called “Tzusumi” is also capable of producing deeper sounds. Equipped with an I-Array system on a tweeter that combines one main tweeter with two additional tweeters of smaller size, this speaker can produce better sound output.

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The end result is one of the best speaker systems in the market. These speakers can produce a high-quality audio quality that will spoil anyone’s ears. No matter what type of music is playing, ranging from jazz, acoustic music, and various other types of music, the audio quality produced by these speakers is satisfying.

Sony claims that the SA-Z1 speakers are capable of producing spatial audio with an FGPA processor chip that ensures that all the audio is transmitted in parallel. The concept was taken into life with all the components inside.

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The result of the addition of the FGPA processor chip is the best audio quality without distortion. Vibrations from two subwoofers are also eliminated to eliminate vibrations that may cause noise to the audio. Plus, the subwoofer chamber is designed to have no resonant frequency.

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Interestingly again, Sony designed the SA-Z1 speaker with a design that seemed simple but neat. The dimensions that are not too big and looks suitable to be placed anywhere. The overall design looks classy enough to get past as the home furniture.

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These speakers can support sound formats up to 32 bit / 768 kHz PCM and DSD 22.4 MHz. The SA-Z1 speaker also has Analog-In including RCA, stereo mini, and balanced XLR. Digital inputs from these speakers include USB-B, optical, and micro-USB for Walkman.

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“The SA-Z1 brings together Sony’s legendary audio expertise, with first-of-its-kind custom componentry and benchmark audio technologies. Thanks to a trio of accumulated acoustic, electronic and signal processing technology, SA-Z1 recreates music with exceptional presence and coherence.” – Sony

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Sony’s audio equipment is well known for producing the best audio in its class and since this is a speaker for the real audio enthusiasts under the Signature Series, it will go on to the market with a price tag of $ 8,567 (€7000)

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