Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX99: The Smallest Digital Camera with Big Capability

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Although compact cameras have a smaller market than DSLRs because of many things, this market is still one of the most sought after by photography lovers. Sony is an established label that has dominated this range and recently the Japanese company has just updated their HX90 series lineup.

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The Sony HX90 series combines a tiny body with a large zoom lens – and for now, with more power. Sony has introduced the Sony Cyber-Shot HX99 last summer, a compact zoom camera with a processor update that allows you to get images that are 4K in quality and more durable.


Get Closer

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Sony Cyber-Shot HX99 combines an 18.2 megapixel, 1 / 2.3-inch sensor with a 30x optical zoom lens which is equivalent to 24-730mm zoom. As in the previous Sony HX90V, Sony claims this camera is one of the cameras that has the smallest body in the zoom category, measuring less than one inch and half deep and less than 3 inches high.

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This camera only weighs 7.7 ounces (body only). But even though the sensor and camera size reminds us of the previous HX90 model, there is an increase in the speed of taking pictures and videos in the HX99.

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This compact camera uses a BIONZ X processor that has been upgraded, which is capable of recording 4K quality video at 30 fps. 4K is captured with full pixel readings and no pixel binning. 1080p slow motion video can be captured by the camera at 120 fps.


All New Powerhouse

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The latest processor embedded inside DSC-HX99 also features some of the latest photo features – a 10 fps burst speed is no longer limited to 10 shots and can continue to take pictures of up to 155 consecutive JPEGs at maximum burst speeds.

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The Sony HX99 also combines optical image stabilization for sharper shots of images with a long zoom lens. Eye AF that automatically searches for the subject’s eye in a full-frame mirrorless camera Sony also includes a contrast detection autofocus system in the HX99.


All You Need in One

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While the price of the $ 450 camera and 1 / 2.3-inch camera sensor is oriented towards certain consumers, the Sony HX99 is also suitable for taking RAW photos for further editing, and exposure in manual mode and manual focus.

The compact body of the Sony HX99 can still adjust to the control circle around the lens. A flip-up, touchscreen 180 degrees on the back of the camera, while an electronic viewfinder also appears from the top of the camera. The HX99 also uses the touchpad to adjust the focus when using the viewfinder. Bluetooth built-in in the camera can also be used to geotag photos.

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