Thinkware F100 Full HD DashCam: Bringing the Dashcam to the next level

Thinkware F100 Full Hd Dashcam 5

Dashcams or in-vehicle advanced video recorders (DVR) have turned out to be one of the more critical frills you can purchase for your vehicle today. It’s sheltered to state that it saves everybody the problem of pointing fingers in case of a mishap is happening.

Thinkware F100 Full Hd Dashcam 4

There are loads of dashcams in the market today ranging from basic to pricey but all the eyes will be on the world leading dash cam company, Thinkware which comes up with F100 Full HD DashCam.

Packed full of features, the F100 is the perfect dash cam solution offering drivers’ security, accountability and possible reductions in insurance premiums.

Thinkware F100 Full Hd Dashcam 1

The F100 is furnished with an Ambarella A12 chipset and Sony Exmor CMOS picture sensor that records full HD 1080p video at 30 fps for every second, a 135-degree wide review point and an implicit Active Impact observing framework. The Thinkware F100 dash cam unquestionably fits a lot of highlights into its little and exquisite structure.

The dashcam is very small which enable you to introduce it with no impediment and it should fit serenely before most back view mirrors. You can expand the usefulness of the camera utilizing a back camera alternative which enables drivers to have a reasonable perspective on occurrences at the back.

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The outer camera alternative is weatherproof and catches any occurrences at the back, especially helpful for drivers of business vehicles. It additionally includes Safety Camera Alerts when associated with the GPS reception, giving drivers’ updated data on checked speed/red light camera areas and versatile speed traps.

When hardwired, the F100 features Parking Surveillance Modes with Motion and Impact Detection. When triggered, the dash cam records 20-second video clips, ensuring car, van or taxi owners are able to capture incidents in parking mode for up to 48 hours.

Thinkware F100 Full Hd Dashcam 3

The built-in impact sensor, which detects the level of force when your vehicle sustains an impact, is a 3 axis G-sensor which has different settings for parking mode and continuous mode, as sensitive as possible whilst parked but less so whilst on the move to ensure it doesn’t record incidents every time the vehicle hits a pothole. All footage is instantaneously saved to a memory card reducing potential data corruption.

Like all great dashcams, if the power gets detached after an accident, the safeguard recording utilizes the Super Capacitor for reinforcement capacity to guarantee safe stockpiling of any account in advancement – so you can be guaranteed that your important information will be safely put away under any conditions.

Thinkware F100 Full Hd Dashcam 2

The Thinkware F100 Full HD DashCam is the ultimate helper for any driver out there especially those who drive taxis because of all the features it got. This dashcam is price at $ 141 but may differ if you would likes to add more features.

  • Unit Size (mm): 78 x 34 x 31.5
  • Storage Capacity Support: up to 64 GB
  • Camera Resolution: 1080P
  • Camera Sensor:
    • 2.12 Megapixel
    • 1 / 5.78” CMOS
  • Frame Rate: 30FPS
  • Video Format: H.264 MP4
  • Lens Viewing Angle: 135O
  • Screen Size: N/A
  • Input Voltage: 12/24V DC
  • Auxiliary Power: Super Capacitor
  • Audio Recording
  • G-Sensor
  • G-Sensor Adjustable
  • Rear Camera Input
  • GPS (Optional)
  • Status LED
  • Internal Speaker
  • Safety Camera Alerts

Thinkware F100 Full HD DashCam

Thinkware F100 Full Hd Dashcam 8

Thinkware F100 Full Hd Dashcam 7

Thinkware F100 Full Hd Dashcam 6

Thinkware F100 Full Hd Dashcam 5

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