I’ll be Your Mirror: Sculptural Table Mirror

I'll Be Your Mirror 4

Lee SangHyeok is the person with a studio design with this sculptural table mirror. This mirror is called I’ll be Your Mirror, a sweet name for an awesome table mirror. The table is kind of a minimalist table mirror which is made from bent plates of polished stainless steel. The designer also uses a bis brass pin that can be used to make five different shapes of the mirror.  It is a handmade and limited edition mirror in Berlin with 100 pieces and a signed certificate.


Table Mirror Size

I'll Be Your Mirror 1

I’ll be Your Mirror comes with a minimalist size. The height is 33 cm, the width is 13 cm, and the length is about 20 cm.


Five Different Formations

I'll Be Your Mirror 2

The design of this table mirror allows you to change the formation as you wish. It has 5 different formations that you can change with the big brass pin.


Best Quality

I'll Be Your Mirror 3

The mirror is designed with the best material only. The polished stainless steel fits well with all types of any tables in your home.


Minimalist Design

I'll Be Your Mirror 4

The dimension of this awesome mirror is a perfect dimension for all minimalist rooms. It is available to be used on a shelf.


Modern Table Mirror

I'll Be Your Mirror 5

The material of polished stainless steel makes this table mirror gets a modern design style. The color of the material also creates a stylish look too for the room.


Perfect Decoration

I'll Be Your Mirror 6

I’ll be Your Mirror is the perfect decoration for all rooms. You can even use more than one mirror to be used for the whole room decoration.


Limited Design

I'll Be Your Mirror 7

The mirror itself is not only limited edition but the design itself is also limited edition. You may not find another mirror that looks like this sculptural mirror.

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