Audiophiles HD 820, Powerful High End Headphone

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The music lovers now can have the best headphone to enjoy their favorite music with this headphone. It is an audiophile HD 820 with some awesome features. The covers are designed with the glass transducer that can minimize the resonances. This great headphone can be called as the best headphone with the transparent-sounding.


Headphone with Extra Features

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The Sennheiser Audiophile Range from Germany offers this natural sound headphone with extra features and also the detail design for the whole style. The microfiber ear pads of this headphone are handmade with the metal headband which are giving you new experiences of listening to every sound.


Headphone Design

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The design of this headphone is so modern, natural, and transparent. You will get a wide open of the sound field that can’t be found on every headphone out there. You can enjoy your favorite music and discover the more high-class quality of sound without intruding the others.


Glass Cover

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You will not only get the better sound field with this HD 820 but also the new chances to listen to your music more clearly. The technology of the transparent performance in this headphone is kind of an amazing innovation. The Sennheiser Ring Radiator is trying to design the style with an elegant unique glass cover. It is not only having a cool look for your fashion but also servicing the minimal resonance for the better sound.


Open Wide

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HD 820 headphone will give you an open wide of listening to all sounds. It is very different from other headphones that you always see. The headphone makes the best sound ever that can give you more abilities to explore the sound. You can enjoy the music without reducing your comfortable feeling at anywhere.


Best Quality

Headphones Audiophiles HD 820 2

The best quality of the HD 820 not only comes from the technology but also the outer design. The whole style, design, shape, and size are completed with the glass cover can prove how the quality is. The beautiful design is natural and also elegant for all of your activities while enjoying the music.


Best Components

Headphones Audiophiles HD 820 1

HD 820 headphone is made in Germany and getting the best attention because of the detail and also the components. The handmade ear pads and the OFC cables with the gold-plated plugs offer perfect listening experiences. You can improve your experience with the Sennheiser HDV 820 amplifier for the best companion to this headphone.

Here are the things that you can get from the headphone box:

  • Dynamic Headphones HD 820
  • 6.35 mm connection cable with the stereo jack plug
  • 4.4 mm of Pentaconn stereo jack plug
  • XLR-4 connector
  • USB flash drive
  • Instruction manual
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Storage box
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