Garmin Forerunner 645 Music: GPS Running Watch

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You should enjoy your running exercise with something that can help you to have the best performance and Forerunner 645 Music is the best choice for it. It is one of the outstanding GPS running watches for your better experiences of running. You will not only be able to enjoy your running activities but also your favorite music. This watch also can be synced with the streaming services with 5 hours of GPS mode for the music.


GPS Running Watch

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Forerunner 645 Music can be a cool music storage, so you can listen to all of your music collection while you are running. You can also use the contactless payment for buying the new music that you don’t have yet. It is very easy to download more than 500 songs from with this watch.


Beat Daily Mission

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Besides the music storage, this running watch has some good features for the runner. One of them is the beat daily mission. You can improve your running exercise every day with this watch by seeing your own running result and challenge you to beat what you got from yesterday exercise.


Running Exercise Detail

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Forerunner 645 music also help you to show your running exercise result. It will examine your running in a week or a day with the reaching distance result. You can also consider the time of your running exercise with the pace based on the distance. These result details can give you the accurate information in ever running exercise.


Easy Paying

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You don’t have to worry about the payment with this running watch. Just left your wallet and phone when you want to run because the Forerunner 645 Music has a Garmin pay for your easy payment solution. You can just use it anywhere while you are running by tapping your card. It can help you a lot when you forget to bring a bottle of water.


Cerise Colored Band

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Running is not only about exercising but also about fashion. Using this GPS running watch will improve your fashion style in running. The watch has a cerise colored band which is very cool. The design is also simple and suitable for every running fashion, like your running clothes and even easy match with your running shoes.


Training Status

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You can monitor your running by using the training performance feature. Forerunner 645 Music will give you the training status to help you prepare a better exercising, especially when you need to prepare the best performance for a running race. A training status is a tool to monitor your recent exercises and showing you if you are overreaching or even peaking.


Training Load

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You can also check out your training load with Forerunner 645 Music to help you measure the exercise volume in a week. It will show you an accurate comparison with the optimal range of the overall training that you have in some recent times.


Segment Complete

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The running watch has a feature for the segment complete for every of your training and running time. This feature will show you the time ahead when you are exercising. Surely it helps a lot to consider your exercise and running time better.


Keep in Touch with Friend

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Forerunner 645 Match is able to give you a message from all of your contacts, so you can keep in touch with them without missing your running and exercise activities. If you pair this watch with your smartphone, you can even respond to the text message, exploring your social media updated, and sending some emails.


Store Customize

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You can make your own personality with this watch by downloading some apps, widgets, and much more in Connect IQ. It is easy to keep on eyes on your Uber order or turning on your home lights with the SmartThings or use Face It to choose some images in the photo library to do some fun things.

Check out Garmin Connect too if you want to share and sync your training activities. You can compete with others by joining more challenges in it. Garmin Connect will not charge you, it is free and available on the Garmin Connect Mobile app and also on the web.

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