Garmin tactix Delta: Ready to Carry Out The Mission

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Not too long ago, Garmin had expanded its product line through the introduction of Tactix, a rugged smartwatch with a tactical themed design. The aim is that the newly released product can take on the infamous Casio G-Shock which has lead the market for a rugged tactical watch.

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Garmin updated the Tactix line up several times, through the launch of the Bravo and Charlie variants, all of which still favored the navigation function. But only in the fourth generation did Tactix get a truly military standardization (MIL-STD-810). This time, the watchmaker called it Tactix Delta.

Tactix Delta continues the direction of the design that was previously carried by Charlie. The body part is covered in black, while a series of numbers comes around the round frame. The structure of the casing is made of steel and is connected to a silicone strap.

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The screen is protected by a layer of sapphire glass, while the bezel is protected by a diamond-like coating carbon to minimize the chance of scratch in everyday use. The smartwatch offers a 1.4-inch widescreen, 36 percent more spacious than Tactix Charlie and makes the Garmin Tactix Delta the widest-wearable display device that Garmin currently has.

With a wider screen, it is easier to navigate functions and content regardless of the size of the finger. Furthermore, the five buttons around the case are deliberately made to stand out so that they are easy to press even if when the wearer is wearing gloves.

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The area two new features that are a mainstay in the Tactix Delta. The smartwatch packed a stealth mode and kill switch to accumulate the need to become special forces partners in any military missions.

Stealth mode is useful for disabling the GPS position storage and sharing features, as well as turning off all forms of communication and wireless connectivity. Then the kill switch can be used in an emergency to delete all user data from the device.

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Tactix Delta is also supported by night mode so that watch can still be seen when you wear night vision glasses. Another unique feature is a JumpMaster feature that can calculate height and distance to targets in skydiving scenarios, waypoint projecting capabilities, and dual-position mode to display two sets of systems coordinates on a data screen. Delta also has a variety of smart functions like a premium activity tracker.

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Garmin did not forget to equip the Tactix Delta with a high-powered battery. The smartwatch can stay on active for 21 days in smartwatch mode or 80 days in watch mode. Besides, the Garmin taxtic Delta can store up 2,000 songs, supported by Garmin Pay, and can help deliver notifications from smartphones.

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The Garmin Tactix Delta has started its marketing period in January 2020 and the smartwatch is available through the Garmin official website. Despite packing lots and lots of military-grade features, the product is still marketing in the medium price range where Garmin slapped the $ 899.99 price tag on the product.



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