Segway S-Pod Concept: First-Class Smart Transporting Pod for Enclosed Campuses

Segway S Pod Concept 1

Segway, an electric scooter that can be used at airports and public facilities continues to grow its lineup with a number of innovations. Recently, the Segway-Ninebot comes up with a first-class transporting pod to called S-Pod.

Segway S Pod Concept 1

Unlike other products in its lineup, the Segway S-Pod is a chair with two main wheels and a small wheel to help when it needs to stops. To keep the upright position while moving, the S-Pod has been equipped with an automatic gravity control system and an electric motor that allows the product to reach speeds of up to 39 km/hour.

The Segway also features an intuitive help navigation panel and control buttons that allow users to speed up or slow down. The Segway S-Pod can also spin and moving side to side. Later, the rider will feel a sensation like being in a cocoon while riding with the S-Pod.

Segway S Pod Concept 5

The distance that can be traveled by the transporting pod reaches 70 km. The electric vehicle is not intended to be a substitute for a wheelchair since the company claims that it can still be used for all people. S-Pod also has several advantages when compared to other electric vehicles. The design of the two wheels is claimed to have a turning radius in place or 0 degrees.

Segway S Pod Concept 4

Segway has reminded the public that the Segway S-Pod Concept is not a vehicle that can go on the highway. Going forward, Segway plans to collaborate with public services, such as airports, shopping centers, amusement parks, and educational institutions.

In a way, S-Pod sounds like a dream product in the presence of a sofa, Segway claims the vehicle is safe because the designer has eliminated the possibility of falling in any situation. But the safety is not entirely guaranteed since it depends on the surrounding environment.

Segway S Pod Concept 3

Segway did not reveal much information regarding the details of the S-Pod Concept, but they confirmed that it had a remote control system and was inspired by a sci-fi film. The company revealed that the S-Pod took inspiration from Gyrosphere which was featured in the movie Jurassic World.

Segway S Pod Concept 2

The company plans to continue developing the S-Pod to be able to adopt autonomous technology. Unfortunately, the company is still keeping all the information such as the main and secondary features or the price range of the product close to their chest.

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