Segway Drift W1: The Real Self-balancing Electric Skates

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Segway is getting more famous thanks to the acquisition by Xiaomi and the companies that produce futuristic personal transportation recently launched the Segway Drift W1 which is more concise roller skates with a futuristic look.

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This very special roller skate is like a hoverboard that is more mini and compact but can be controlled through the feet. In principle, the Segway Drift W1 is an electronic e-skates equipped with stable self-balancing technology. The technology allows its rider to move easily and at the same time looks stylish and trendy.


Segway Drift W1 is made from magnesium metal which is commonly used for aircraft. Besides having a lightweight, the Xiaomi Nineboot Segway product has a compact size, with dimensions of 29.10 x 16.20 x 12.10 cm.

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The shapes make it easy to put in the trunk of a car, as well as being lightweight and comfortable to carry, either put in a bag or held by hand. As for its strength, this product can withstand a load up to a maximum of 100 kg.


The Segway Drift W1are uniquely designed and modern made of high-quality materials. The tires are designed to improve stability, steering ability, plus the company combines it with slip-resistance on the bearing.

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The Drift W1 has a maximum speed of 8 km/hour or about 3 times the speed of human walking. The e-skates is not only able to move on flat roads but also able to walk uphill with a maximum slope of 15 degrees.

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This electric skates can travel long distances up to tens of kilometers. The wheels themselves are 3.5 inches made from solid rubber that can withstand a variety of terrain, ranging from the road, grass, soil, and others.

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In one full charge, the Segway Drift W1 can go on for 45 minutes. But this period is uncertain and can run out faster depending on the force and terrain. This product is equipped with two Li-Ion batteries with a capacity of 44.4 Wh which takes approximately 3 hours for the charging process.

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Based on the pictures and videos circulating, Segway Drift W1 can be very snugly attached to your feet and makes you feel like you are floating. Because this is a kinda new product on the segment, users are advised to wear protective equipment while riding it.

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Segway ensures that all safety features exist such as the addition of a bumper and more compact component design. To add to the current style, Segway also ensures that the users of Drift W1 can control the customizable LED at the bottom. A pair of Drift W1 can be purchased for $ 379.

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