Tempus Titan R: Redefine Your Commute, Feel the Wind in Your Face

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Tempus is a new e-bike manufacturer in the market that looks set to stand out from a fast-growing marketplace with its Titan line. The Titan R Series has its design tanks from classic cafe racing motorcycles with skateboard seat and a faux tank.

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Tempus Titan R gives a feel of vintage motorcycle more than an electric one. The company says that this is the perfect bike to go to the office. Apart from this, it can also be used for offering in addition to walking in the city.

The classic racer-like electric motorcycle Titan-R uses old age tested material. Its frame is made of aircraft-grade steel. Its slim structure has a tank that looks like a gas tank, with a leather seat behind it. It has a large LED light at the front, while the rear has two small modern-looking taillights.

Tempus Titan R 4

The company has tried so hard to give its retro design a modern look. The Tempus Titan R has a color LCD that tells the time, speed, range, and battery percentage. It has a password protected ignition system, which reduces its risk of theft to a great extent.

Tempus Titan R 8

The propulsion comes from a 1000-watt hub motor, with assistance from the pedals all the way up to its 28 MPH top speed. Besides, the Tempus is built with a removable lithium-ion battery pack, which can extend up to small 70 kilometers. It takes 4 to 5 hours for the battery to be fully charged.

Tempus Titan R 5

Hydraulic disc brakes keep track of the braking process for the large 26×2.4 inch wheels, making any obstacles easy to avoid. The battery is locked to the hardtail frame as security when left unattended. Titan is designed in a combination of style and fabric.

Tempus Titan R 2

The e-bike is an ideal means of transport for work, but also more adventurous trips. It is also ideal for taking a holiday to a mountainous area. The electric bicycle, reminiscent of an old shift moped is equipped with an aluminum fork with a crown suspension.

Tempus Titan R 1

The Tempus Titan R combines intriguing design, quality workmanship, and more comfortable cycling experience. With the help of electricity, the paths of an e-bike can become longer without further harming the planet. The customer can choose several custom colors for the bike that is marketed for $2,899.99.




Tempus Titan R

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