The Combination of Elegance in Design and Tradition in Dokkaebi Stool

Dokkaebi Stool 8

Korean designer Jiyoun Kim made 24 Dokkaebi stools as a component of a bigger workmanship establishment in the Hangang Art Park, close to the Han River in Seoul. Four specialists including Kim were chosen to give perpetual attempts to the venture, which was at first propelled by the city’s administration.

Dokkaebi Stool 8


Inspiration from the Folklore: Goblin

Dokkaebi Stool 7

Named after a perky troll specified in Korean society stories, the 24 round, and hollow stools—one for each pine tree in the chose establishment site—are made of mirror-cleaned stainless steel and measure 14 creeps in breadth and 18 1⁄2 inches high


Immerse into the Surrounding Areas

Dokkaebi Stool 3

The tops are painted in eight nature-propelled inclination hues with a versatile matte clear coat. The stool’s reflecting surface catches impressions of the encompassing grass, trees, and sky, making the hallucination that the shaded part is gliding in midair.

Dokkaebi Stool 6

The 24 stools normally inundate into the backwoods. they will likewise change as indicated by the shades of the grass, tree, and sky — which in the end change as the year passes by.


Crafted with Pure Intention

Dokkaebi Stool 5

Dokkaerbi, much the same as trolls in European stories, is a fanciful beast every now and again said in old Korean people stories. Trolls and Dokkaerbi – both with appalling and ugly faces – have a reasonable qualification.

Dokkaebi Stool 4

Dokkaebi isn’t a beast basically discovering his casualties to kill, however a blissful soul that prizes individuals doing great deeds and rebuff the contrary energies. Along these lines, Dokkaebi has a few highlights of the incomparable being.

Dokkaebi Stool 2

Following the initiative around the subject of “suim“, which means “rest”, the Dokkaebi conceptual stools designed by Jiyoun Kim enable the citizens to appreciate a snapshot of calm and thought among nature.

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