Look E-765 Gravel: Rediscover Off-Road

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For those of you who like to go to many places with a bike, then Look E-765 Gravel bikes are the right choice. Various terrain roads, ranging from city streets to mountain roads all will be easy to get through thanks to this powerful bicycle. Not only is the performance is tough but this bike also has the right weight and attractive appearance.

Look E 765 Gravel 8

This bike is equipped with 700 x 37 mm gravel wheels as standard so that the wheels are more durable and maintain balance while riding. Even on uneven terrain, the E-765 Gravel feels smoother because the wheels can relieve the shocks.

This bicycle frame is made of aluminum which is rigid, but still lightweight so that the stability of the bike gets better. The Direct-Drive will provide a real sense of security and reliable performance. In addition, this sophisticated bicycle is also designed with the 3D Wave concept where vibration can be muted much better.

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Furthermore, the position of the steering socket is designed to be able to take technical lines so that the position and distance of the seat feel more comfortable. With its UCI certificate, this bike can be driven in gravel lines or paved roads, all of which will be comfortable and easy.

In order to maximize its performance, this bicycle uses FAZUA technology so that the bike is more compact, detailed and automatic. In addition, the battery can be released at any time to make the bike feel easier to ride.

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The sophistication of the bikes offered by FAZUA is being able to turn this bike into a bicycle directly connected to the battery by tracking the lifetime and charging status and temperature. This application is also capable of carrying out GPS tracking and navigation so that it is easier to navigate the route.

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Carbon cores are designed and produced by Look with fiber location, orientation, thickness, and proper assistance if needed. So, this bike does not only rely on speed, but also light for all-terrain roads.

The E-765 GRAVEL is made with different carbon fiber blends. This combination of fibers is able to optimize various performance parameters, namely High Modulus, Intermediate Modulus and High Resistance.

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The all-round premium features plus highest echelon of materials also put on a lot on the price tag as the E-765 GRAVEL is marketed for around $ 7,122.


Look E-765 Gravel

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