The ST5: A Newly Developed Motor with the Sport Mode

The ST5 3

With 950 watts of power and also a torque of 48 Newton meters, ST5 becomes a newly developed motor which is very powerful. It also has a new sports mode which is easy to be used only with a push of a button. ST5 becomes the only one of Stromer e-bike with that awesome sports mode.


The ST5 4

The perfect detail and flawless performance can be found only on ST5. The geometry of the frame is perfectly matched with the 27.5-inch wheels. The tires come in a high-performance with Pirelli development. The removable battery and Bluetooth connection provide you an easy way to use it.



The ST5 3

The ST5 has a keyless design. The battery locking and unlocking electronic system can be done only with a simple touch. You don’t need any key, PIN, or password anymore. It makes this product feels very simple and also easy to use.



The ST5 2

Using Bluetooth connection, you can unlock and lock this bike. It will be automatic locking when you walk away and unlocking when you approach it. There is no need for keys or PIN input. It is secure to be used anytime and anywhere.



The ST5 1

You can add a second screen with your smartphone at the top tube of ST5. Your smartphone will be placed in a good and secure position on the handlebar of the bike. It will help you a lot to have a great adventure by easily finding the right navigation via Google Maps.

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