Nokia “Kitchen Mate”: A Device with A Real-time Feedback of the Food Impact

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Manuel Hess has an awesome collaboration with NOKIA for this coaching device called Nokia “Kitchen Mate”. It can give you a real-time feedback about the food impact that you eat, helping you to reach your daily goals. Nokia “Kitchen Mate” is designed with visual and weight scanning to track the calorie intake of food.


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The inspiration for Nokia “Kitchen Mate” comes from the sum of obesity in the people of the USA in 2014. There is 70.2 percent of them are overweight. It is very difficult to start new behaviors to overcome their overweight, especially with the annoying tracking apps and when they back to their old habits.



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Nokia “Kitchen Mate” gathers the data from some products to generate the tailored recipes. All people who use it will be educated via visual real-time feedback of the food impact that they consume. It is easy and flexible to use.



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You can use the Bluetooth to connect it with the three individual scale pebbles. It will give you a maximum flexibility with the food weight. The food can be recognized automatically through visual and weight recognition. You can interact with this device through voice commands or OLED display on the top.


User Recognition

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Nokia “Kitchen Mate” can identify some different users via face recognition. Each individual can track and log the food easily to their personal diary.


Food Recognition

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This device has a sideways facing camera that can recognize food through the visual appearance. It also can recognize the food by scanning the food barcodes.


Real-Time Feedback

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You will be educated well about the food impact on your daily goals and your diet. It gives you a real-time visual feedback.


Live Recipe Guidance

Nokia “Kitchen Mate” 7

Nokia “Kitchen Mate” 6

Using voice commands and interface, every user can access and use Nokia “Kitchen Mate” easily. The step by step guide will help you a lot to achieve all desires dish in a comfortable way.

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