Millo: The Future of Blending is Here.

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We do all pretty much know the function of a blender. For those who live under the stone, blenders are very useful for making food and drinks. There have been many blender products that we can find on the market, one of which is Millo.

One thing that makes the difference from this product is that the product maker believes that their simple, safe, smart blender which doesn’t make any noise is the future of blending.

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Sophisticated technology is designed for increasingly involved in modern life, the same thing goes to Millo, the smart blender. Uniquely, this simple-looking blender is designed without buttons and cables so that it can be carried and used anywhere. In addition, this blender is also easy to clean.

So, how do you control it? The users simply touch anywhere the surface of the blender and it will start to blend smoothly. Technology also allows its user to connect to Millo via smartphone so that it can be controlled remotely and personalized.

Millo Blender 5

The norm on blender product is that its noise is highly annoying. The same thing can’t be said with Millo. Even people who are sleeping will not be disturbed by the sound of this blender. This is because the AirDrive technology that makes it 3 times quieter than most blenders on the market.

Another technology embedded in this product is the personalization that allows this smart blender to connect to smartphones via Bluetooth.

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This blender is made from high-quality material and is produced with professional methods. No wonder this product can last for years because it is durable and long-lasting. In addition to that, Millo is also child-friendly so it is safer for those of you who have children at home.

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Portable design that is the basis of this product, equipped with fully charged batteries so that it can be used for 120 minutes. In addition, Millo claims that its blender is the safest blender in the world with a three-level electronic security system.

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This blender is perfect for those of you who want to mix various fruits, vegetables or other ingredients into a single unit to create a delicious flavor. You can just put on the ingredients according to your taste and choose the amount of power and time needed to blend.

With all the sophistication and convenience it has, it’s only right that Millo is the ultimate answer for many people and maybe you are one of them. You can start to reserve the product that is marketed for $ 499 (€449) via their official website.

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