The LARQ Bottle: water purification in a self-cleaning bottle

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Everything about helping the mother earth from the impact of global warming is a positive trend that must be supported both on a small and large scale. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle play an important role in the go green movement. Reducing plastic waste is now another focus on helping this movement.

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This is then becoming the target of a group of people behind the LARQ bottle who want to reduce the use of plastic bottles which are currently at a rate of 20,000 bottles per second. With the tagline “No more stinky water bottles” the Indiegogo campaign for LARQ bottle got the funding for 4580% of their initial target.


Three Simple Steps

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The LARQ Bottle is the first smart bottle in the world. This computerized bottle can clean the water stored in it in just 60 seconds. By touching the button on the bottle cap, the 280nm UV-C light will then neutralize all the germs.


Mercury-Free & Self Cleaning Technology

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Not only that, but this bottle can also clean itself in every 2 hours. The UV light system in this bottle will clean the mold on the inner surface. No need to manually wash it like an ordinary bottle. The UV-C LED chips in LARQ are smaller, more energy efficient, non-toxic and more economical compared to traditional technology.

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Not only does it offers cleaning features, but The LARQ Bottle can also store cold water for up to 24 hours. So that the cold water can accompany your trip without fearing the temperature will change. For the hot water, the LARG bootle will keep it hot for you as long as 12 hours.


Worry Free

The Larq Bottle 5

There are fives shades of LARQ Bottle that are available to choose so you can drink them confidently. With a capacity of 500mL, The LARQ Bottle is perfect accompany to take everywhere. If you want to take in this smart bottle into your life, the LARQ Bottle is available for $ 95.

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