Prepd Colors: The Lunchbox Reimagined

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Eat well, and you will be a great person. But sometimes lunch will be a real challenge for some of us. To make a lunch great again, Prepd who is a pioneering-makers of lunch boxes, released a new product to help eradicate this problem once and for all.

Prepd Colors 6

Prepd Colors is the new sleek lunch box to make people be happy with their happy color. For now, they starter release a Peach and Mint color options but later they will brighten the spectrum on more attractive and colorful choice. The design of Prepd Pack can really brighten up the lunchtime, so No more Sad Desk Lunch!



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It designed with wellness and convenient in mind. Prepd Pack creates some vibrant, healthful and also diverse meals with a uniquely sleek and modern design. You can check and connect to Prepd App which features over 85 easy way to make a great lunch. There will also be a nutritional fact for users.

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Chris Place, co-founder of Prepd said each American people costs $11.14 for watering and sometimes they waste food. So Prepd lunch will help you to save 200% food and water, this way, you can create smart meal planning while also helping the environment.



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Prepd made a huge breakthrough in 2017 and now they try to create another sensation through the release of Prepd. The startup company released a new color for their lunch box: Peach and mint. Nothing change with the design. They still have a slimline, stylish and durable design. Prepd Pack is handcrafted and uses a natural bamboo so you can get a high-quality material and design.

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They also add some feature which then separates this lunchbox as the only greatest and fascinating one. This lunch box is slim and very light so you can take them anywhere and anytime. This lunch box is also safe and uses leakproof Tritan containers. The prepd lunch box has ice packs which fit into the side.


The World’s Best Lunchbox

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The bold, colorful and smart Prepd Colors has put on the new paradigm to have a lunch box which in a way is truly revolutionary. As the days get busier, it becoming harder and harder to have a proper lunch, but with Prepd, you will never feel the #SadDeskLunch anymore!

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