GoCube: A Whole New Way to Cube

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GoCube will be your new way to cube. It is a smartly connected cube with a tracking technology. You can learn, improve, and also compete with your friends to play this cube. GoCube is an iconic cube that will drain your mind with a fun play. You can even connect this cube with your smartphone via Bluetooth.


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Since 1974, the cube becomes a popular thing to be played with all its fun. Today, GoCube comes with a completely re-engineered process from a classic cube into a modern cube. You will know all new ways to battle with this cube.



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GoCube has smart sensors that can track and measure your activity with it. You can also use this cube by connecting it via Bluetooth. The Measurement Unit Tracks offers an awesome position and orientation. GoCube is very efficient with its low power use of the battery and light indicators to show your status.



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All the things that you do with GoCube will be more awesome with the app. Whether it is playing, battling, improving, or learning, the app can bring you a new level in using a cube. This app is available and free on Android and iOS.



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The first step is about learning. You need to learn the basic solving first because you are a beginner. Just try some moves and also repeat the steps that you have learned. Once you learn all the basic steps, you will be ready to go to the next level.



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After you try your beginner step, it is time to improve to get a level up. Try to be a master for the basics then improve your completion time. You can also try to break down the complex algorithms in your own way.



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You can play GoCube against strangers or friends. Just pick the people on the board to compete. The competition comes in some different categories. You just need to make sure that you are the best in each category.



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If you just want to have fun with GoCube, you can start to play the Missions, Mini-Games, or Party Games. solving the cube, choose Mini-Missions. If you want to improve your instincts and handling, try to play the games.


Standing Stand

GoCube 5

Get one the GoCube Standing Stand to be used in charging. You can also use this standing stand as a display stand for your own GoCube. The design is made to hold your smartphone while you are cubing with the cube.

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