Rollbe Click: a titanium coated handy rolling ruler

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Does anybody ever have a convenient ruler they can take anywhere? The ruler by their size is larger than usual which for the most part implies that you need to stash it away out of arms reach as opposed to forgetting it taking up valuable work area space.

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Rather than depending on a regular ruler perhaps it’s an ideal opportunity to think contrastingly and that is exactly what Karlis Krisjans has come up with a gadget called Rollbe Click. Rollbe Click is a distance measuring device with a design that is small and easy to carry anywhere like we mean anywhere.

Rollbe Click 6

Rollbe Click can help you to measure the length of a table, a line, clothes, and whatever. Simply put on the Rollbe Click to the surface of the object you want to measure, then slide it to the edge.

 Place the ‘’start mark’’ on the starting point of the surface or line that you want to measure, roll and count rotations or measuring units by following the click sound or start mark, then add the remaining units. – The Work of Mind Inc.

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Rollbe Click is available in sizes, namely 4 inches and 10 cm. Almost the same as a coin. There is also a leather bag to place the gadget so that you can carry it with easy plus it looks stylish.

Rollbe Click is very suitable for designers, architects, carpenters, tailors, room decorators, and much more. Besides, the prices are quite affordable, starting at just $ 22. Rollbe Click is available on the startup’s Kickstarter. page with several additional options that can be customized by prospective buyers.


Rollbe Click: Super Compact Stainless Steel Measuring Tool

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