Air Pack: The Most Comfortable Lightweight Backpack Ever

Air Pack 6

One thing that will always become the struggle point of traveling time: it’s the bag. There are a lot of pricey product that promises will get the job done but in fact, it is still one of the most uncomfortable pain for all traveler.

Air Pack 6

Regardless of whether it was something jabbing us in the back, or a strain in the shoulders in the early evening, it simply wasn’t justified, despite any potential benefits. The day would dependably end a similar path: with us both sore and in agony.

Air Pack 7

So TREXAD did what any fashion designer does: they design a whole new bag. One that still creases up into a modest ball, but can venture into a full comfy rucksack. Available in three colors, the backpack is the finally fulfilling the craving of every traveler.

This pack addresses the need for ergonomically appropriate luggage as consumers continue to spend extended periods on the road.

Air Pack 6


Inspired by air mattresses the Air Pack is one hell of an innovation in designing a bag. The next-level comfort with the patent-pending air-cushioned support system that inflates in just one big breath is such a huge help. In short, it is super comfortable.

Ultra-Strong & Waterproof

Air Pack 8

Cordura fabric is a high-quality fabric used by brands, retailers and even militaries around the world to create lasting, quality products that hold up to the Cordura brand’s high criteria.

Air Pack 3

The interconnected air pads on the shoulders and back re-disseminate the heap and ease any weight focuses. The outcome is a radically lessened anxiety on your back, shoulders, and neck. When folded, it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. When it’s unpacked and given a breath, it’s a full-sized daypack ready to comfortably fit and carry all your things.

Air Pack 2

The Air Pack backpack is presently available to be back by means of Kickstarter with early bird options from $69. In the event that all funding and production goes well, The delivery will start in early 2019.

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