TYPE – II Backpack: Camera Bag and Travel Kit by Vinta

Type II Backpack 18

Type II Backpack is a perfect camera bag and travel kit by Vinta for you who love to travel and take some beautiful pictures around you. This backpack is not only perfect for your journey to the mountains but also your working time in the office. Vinta offers a stylish backpack with the camera kit and travel kit on it. You can carry some lenses, a note, smartphones, even your shoes, and clothes too. Type II Backpack is made for a modern traveler with the best quality only.


Laptop Sleeve and Zip

Type II Backpack 1

Type II Backpack 2

If you check the travel kit, this backpack has an easy access to your laptop. This easy design is also perfect for the airport security checkpoints when you go aboard.


EDC Pockets with Multiuse

Type II Backpack 3

TYPE – II Backpack from Vinta is designed with the EDC pockets complete with the multiuse too. It is a perfect bag to organize your notes and pens.


D-Ring Side Attachment

Type II Backpack 4

You don’t have to feel difficult to find your home keys inside the bag. Type II Backpack has a D-ring side attachment to attach all of your keys. It is safe and easy to be used.


Camera Pack and Field Pack

Type II Backpack 5 Type II Backpack 6

For the camera kit, there is an awesome camera pack that you can use to put all of your best camera lenses. You can easily capture all things that you want with the complete lenses that you bring with this bag.


Waterproof Coated Twill

Type II Backpack 7

Type II Backpack 9

Type II Backpack 10

TYPE – II Backpack is designed with the premium material only. This material is a waterproof twill that can save all your things inside the bag from the rainwater.


Side Attachment Strap

Type II Backpack 8

At the side of the bag, there is a side attachment strap for your tripod. This side attachment allows you to bring any tripod that you wish to get the best captures.


Modern Traveler Bag

Type II Backpack 11

TYPE – II Backpack is surely made for the modern traveler who often uses some cameras and a laptop to save their best moment when traveling. That’s why Vinta is completing the bag with the best design for them.


Lifestyle Bag

Type II Backpack 12

The design of TYPE – II Backpack is not only about helping you to carry about all your travel stuff but it is also about a lifestyle bag to beautify your lifestyle in traveling.



Type II Backpack 13

TYPE – II Backpack has a perfect design for you. The dimensions are also suitable for a traveler with 16.5 inches in height, 11.5 inches in width, 6.25 inches in depth, and also 3.4 lbs in weight. The camera kit allows you to bring a laptop, some lenses, a tripod, and two cameras. For the travel kit, you can bring some nites, pens, laptop, shoes, and clothes.


Large Travel Bag

Type II Backpack 14TYPE – II Backpack can be called as one of the best and large travel bag because of its awesome capacity for all the traveler stuff. You can even bring some clothes and accessories when you are traveling.


Field Packs

Type II Backpack 19 Type II Backpack 20

The field packs are also the best thing from TYPE – II Backpack. Those packs are designed with the waterproof twill and zipper. With the premium material, the field packs are also stylish for your traveling fashion.

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