Keeback: The Authentic Revolution among Backpacks

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Bags have become one of the daily needs since the ancient human civilization recognized food gatherings to survive. But since the selection of fabric as the main material for bag making, there is almost no more striking improvement to this object. Steel Drake saw this opportunity and launched a product dubbed Keeback.

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Keeback is the first bag equipped in the world to be designed as a backpack with a screen on the back. This sophisticated backpack uses a frame made entirely of lightweight and strong plastic material. This material then allows the bag to have such advanced features, something that other backpack cannot achieve.

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It is equipped with a 40,000 mAh battery. The battery used on this backpack is the Panasonic NCR18650B – the best battery to date. It is suitable for everyday use, or to accompany you for traveling on long distances.

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Keeback is also equipped with speakers, screens display, USB (to charge smartphone batteries and others), and of course the space to store all luggage. Starting from laptops, gadgets, to books, pens. it is the first and [maybe] the only backpack with all the modern features.

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The maker is still not deciding the end features of the backpack since they claimed that they will be built the bag according to the fund they get from Indiegogo. But the lightweight material is already decided to be made from durable plastic and available in three colors: white, black and metallic.

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The screen on Keeback can be adjusted using the application installed on the smartphone which needs to be paired via Bluetooth connection. This smart-bag can display an animation, text messages, and other images. If you are interested in having one, you can back their campaign at Indiegogo for at least $ 250.

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