The Micro Wallet: Precise Down to The Micro-millimeter

The Micro Wallet 6

We all need our wallet, but sometimes the “relationship” is stuck as the money holder often take us through the conflict we all thought we don’t need to face. Bulky and too fat is two of the many reasons behind the lack of the innovation of the wallet technology.

The Micro Wallet 5

Worry not, Elad Burko with the team at Paperwallet have designed the ultimate wallet that will solve the problems and elevate your relationship with your most personal object. Not only that, but they give upcoming artists a chance to showcase their works right on the wallets with various designs.

The Micro Wallet 6

Outstanding feature amongst other highlights of the Micro Wallet is that it is extremely cool with what it enables you to convey. When taking a gander at other thin wallets the primary thing you’ll see is that most outlines forfeit conveying limit with respect to slenderness.

The Micro Wallet 4

While most micro wallets take into account a couple of cards and perhaps a couple of bills, this product enables you to convey up to 12 cards and the greatest number of bills as you can fit in the cash stash.

The Micro Wallet 1

Micro Wallet keeps your private data safe from electronic theft. The 360-degree RFID protection is built in so you won’t even notice it.

The Micro Wallet 3

It begins at only 0.3mm thicker than a standard card. Aside from being super-sturdy, the Tyvek® that is used for Micro-Wallet is additionally water-safe, so whatever may happen, you know you’re ensured.

The Micro Wallet 2

Try not to stress over stacking up your Micro Wallet with money, cards, receipts, notes, or whatever else you extravagant. It’s paper thin, yet grows after some time while staying delightful and never trading off the strength of the material.

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