SoundFlux: The First Dual Driver True Wireless Earbuds

Soundflux 10

KNZ Technology one of the world famous technology company in the USA released new headphone for the audiophile. KNZ released SoundFlux Wireless Headphones. These new series provides a great sound and much wider than any other headphone. And especially this series is Wireless. So users can relax and easy to use. KNZ SoundFlux really fascinating.

Soundflux 4

KNZ SoundFlux provides a minimalist design. This Wireless Headphone series easy to use. Black color really dominates in this series. It really gives a luxurious compact design to KNZ SoundFlux. Just like we said before, this series easy to use.

Soundflux 3

Users only put the headphones to the ear canal. And connect to Music Player, smartphone or any other device. Easy. KNZ SoundFlux also gives a luxurious packaging. With an oval box, this series really fascinating and great. KNZ SoundFlux is suitable for musician and the young generations.


Dual System

Soundflux 5

KNZ SoundFlux gives a lot of features. You can get a Dual Driver System. This feature will help this series to provide a dynamic wide range. Wider than the Single Driver System. KNZ SoundFlux also gives SoundPass Mode. This feature allows users to engaging surrounding without pausing the music. You still can hear the music and sound around you.


Stereo Phone Calls

Soundflux 8

KNZ SoundFlux also gives Stereo Phone Calls. If you connect to your smartphone, this headphone will be a hands-free. So you can take the call. With Dual Driver System, users can hear the sound very clear and loud.

Soundflux 10

KNZ SoundFlux gives Dual Noise Cancellation in this product. Even though there area Dual Noise Cancellation in both earbuds, you still hear the sound around you. But that won’t bother you at all. This remarkable product can also give a protection from accidental damages as well as sweat or rain – perfect for outdoor activities!


Fast Charge

Soundflux 7

Beside Dual Noise Cancellation, KNZ SoundFlux provide Fast Charge, Nano Coated Waterproof, Full Functional Controls, Siri and Google Assistant, over 60ft Wireless Range and EQ from Handphone. You can get this KNZ SoundFlux series only $74 until October 2018.

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