TRON XD: The World’s First Fingerprint Shackle Lock

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The impact of computerization is touching almost all of our living spaces, but one thing that has been overlooked for too long, lock. One of the oldest technology in security keeps on needing its compatriot – lock and keys- even when lots of things have changed. The ULAC Corporation in Taiwan is heading toward the revolutionary path by trying to separate lock from its key.

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The world’s first unique shackle bolt disposes of the requirement for keys and blends while anchoring bicycles, bikes and even entryways with a combination shackle that is light on weight but not on security.

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TRON – XD is the ultimate shackle bolt to consolidate biometric unique innovation with the quality of a creative composite shackle and silicon overmoulding for style and wellbeing.


Ready and Easy

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Fingerprint identification saves you from keys, combinations, and lock picking, protecting your bicycle, e-bike or even industrial doors, for the first time with the strength of an alloy shackle lock. Setup is speedy and simple, with no application or any techie fundamental: all that you require is in the bolt itself.


Safe and Unique

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TRON – XD’s ANSI/INCIT 378 and ISO/IEC 19794-2 consistent unique mark sensor opens in simply a large portion of a second for quick access while 14 mm thick compound shackle anticipates the probably of brute force and deflects robbery.

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TRON – XD’s recognizable proof framework is prepared to do high goals (508 dpi), 360-degree all-bearing checking. Multispectral aspect peruses your unique fingerprint whether dry, ordinary, wet or slick. TRON – XD’s “machine learning” adjusts to your finger situating, for better looking over time.


Only The Best Materials

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Lithium polymer battery-powered battery gives 2200 openings on a full charge and can be effortlessly energized with a compact charger and Micro USB link (included).TRON – XD finger impression shackle locks accompany a high security abloy key (2000 one of a kind key blends) for manual opening in case of a battery release.

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Integrated silicon overmoulded design and alloy shackle prevent theft and protect bike frames from scratch. Its design protects from rain and snow, so there’s no worry about damage from ordinary weather and usage.

Indiegogo Campaign

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With the TRON – XD, you’ll never have to worry about carrying keys or remembering codes again. If you are interested in taking this lock home, go ahead to their Indiegogo page.

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  1. The fingerprint technology brings the new and smart opportunity to protect our bike from the thieves.
    I think Kryptonite should focus on it to make this type of fingerprint.
    Agree with me?

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