William Painter’s The Oasis: The Aerospace Grade Titanium Frame Sunglasses

William Painter’s The Oasis 4

William Painter probably doesn’t need to run an Indiegogo campaign to launch new glasses, they’ve been around for quite a long time, and their wares are extremely popular. But to reach a more diverse market and to build the momentum in launching their latest innovation, the company let themselves go on the crowdfunding site by releasing the ultimate sunglasses dubbed: The Oasis.

William Painter’s The Oasis 4

Oasis combines a plastic front face built with a titanium frame, plus a polarized lens that basically the best in the market. The combination of plastic and metal (both available in several colors) creates an attractive and unique appearance.

William Painter’s The Oasis 3

Utilizing their promise to use only the most durable materials available, William Painter has come to reach the limit with the new Oasis glasses, using aerospace-grade titanium frames with a protective coating and a well-designed German hinge.


Titanium Frame

William Painter’s The Oasis 5

Titanium is the strongest metal for its weight that allows the user to actively use the sunglasses without breaking them. Titanium is also hypoallergenic so it is very safe for the human body.


The Exceptional Lens

William Painter’s The Oasis 2

Impact resistant lens Oasis is the lightest on the modern market, but is tough enough to withstand a blow directly from a hammer. These glasses also provide exceptional functionality with next-gen innovation, weighted balance.


Lifetime Guarantee

William Painter’s The Oasis 6

Available in several color, this sunglasses is the strongest and most powerful in the world. But still William Painter’s will give a lifetime guarantee for each unit. The company will pay for the return shipping fee and return your money.

William Painter’s The Oasis 1

With the iconic silhouette, new and innovative material, plus classic vintage design, The Oasis makes you stand out on every occasion. This is a pair of sunglasses that you don’t need to worry about dropping. You can get one on sale by backing their campaign on Indiegogo before the launching of the product on November.

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