Eames Radio: The Re-imagined Version of Good ‘Ol Radio From 1940s

Eames Radio 5

Charles and Ray Eames are among the most prominent designer of the twentieth century, a wedded couple, they made huge authentic commitments in the fields of engineering, furniture, mechanical and visual design.

Eames Radio 5

At the point when the visionary couple Charles and Ray Eames considered the design for their rich table radio in 1946, they would never have envisioned that it would be a further 72 years before it would go into the public as a product.

Eames Radio 1

The minimal frame factor and stripped-back, more specialized tasteful turned out to be excessively radical for the occasions, and the design never advanced past the model stage. Vitra clearly claims the outline as they’re currently and wanting to sell the product with some alterations.

As you can see it’s got four extra buttons, presumably to manage the Bluetooth features Vitra’s added, and of course, there’s an LCD.


The Rejected Design

Eames Radio 3

Better known for their famous parlor seats, the mid-century designer Charles and Ray Eames spent a decent part of the post-war period applying their pressed wood procedure to radio lodgings. By 1952, about 200,000 radios with wooden housing by the Eameses had been sold.

Eames Radio 2

But one design never went into production: an elegant table radio with a molded plywood case, whose compact shape and austere, more technical look was unusual for the time. Completely conceived by the Eameses in 1946, the radio was rejected by the designated manufacturer, who wanted a ‘normal design’.


Limited Edition

Eames Radio 4

There are only 999 units of Eames radio will be released. The reissued radio comes encased in a walnut housing and outfitted with cutting-edge innovation by the British maker REVO. Valued at $999, the radio does not come in a shabby, particularly when it is considered as a tribute to such a huge figure in modern design.


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