Peugeot e-Legend Concept: The Futuristic Reincarnation of 504 Coupe

Peugeot E Legend Concept 6

In addition to Honda and Nissan, Peugeot’s having their turn to rebuilt their classic cars. But not just an ordinary classic car, later this car will be equipped with the latest technology which might have shaped the future of Peugeot as an automaker.

Peugeot E Legend Concept 10

Peugeot is planning to enliven the 2018 Paris Motor Show by displaying a concept car, which combines classic and retro elements with future technology. The concept was revealed under the name Peugeot e-Legend.



Peugeot E Legend Concept 6

This concept adopts design elements from the classic Peugeot 504 coupe-sedan, which combined with an electrically powered drive system. Pulling the design lines that tend to be rigid from 504 are made more dynamic and modern, to show a futuristic impression.

Peugeot E Legend Concept 12

The front groove design still having the typical old school cars, while the thin LED lights form 4 boxes keep the familiar looks from the original 504 Coupe in the 1980s. The side slope is still thick with a retro impression, plus a 19-inch rim with a futuristic design, wrapped in Michelin tires.

Peugeot E Legend Concept 1

The stern is decorated with a stop lamp design with 3 lines designed with modern touches using LED lights. Beautifying the rear view, the Peugeot brand is made light with a cute display.

Peugeot E Legend Concept 4

Peugeot collaborates with the Audi Focal manufacturer, making the audio sound system more robust. While also collaborating with SoundHound Inc., allowing drivers to command through sound while driving. Starting from the driving mode command, listening to music or even closing the door.


Autonomous Technology 

Peugeot E Legend Concept 11

As the way to create the confirmation of a future car, Peugeot will embed autonomous technology on this concept. The i-Cockpit feature will be presented to allow drivers to do other things while driving.

Peugeot E Legend Concept 7

Through this e-Legend Concept, Peugeot wants to show how far technology will be applied in modern society in the future. The main component will be 100% self-steering, electrically powered car and connection to other vehicles.


4 Driving Modes

Peugeot E Legend Concept 9

In addition, future technologies on e-Legend include an autonomous steering system that has four modes, namely Soft, Sharp, Legend, and Boost. The two autonomous driving options are Soft; allowing passengers to be more comfortable by displaying digital screens and various information

Peugeot E Legend Concept 8

In this mode, the interior will change. The steering wheel is pulled down and a 49 inches screen will come out. This screen can be utilized to carry out activities such as playing games or watching movies. Then there is Sharp; Connectivity features for digital activities such as connecting with social media to scheduling electronic calendars.

Peugeot E Legend Concept 3

While two manual modes are Legend and Boost. As for Legend, it is possible to drive on the screen like three performance gauges in 504 Coupe which are presented in digital effects. The Boost option makes the e-Legend Concept more dynamic. All these modes are available thanks to the powerful electric engine.


Electric Engine

Peugeot E Legend Concept 2

e-Legend is armed with an electric motor powered by 456 hp and 800 Nm of torque, thanks to a 100 kWh battery. Acceleration of 0-100 km / h is claimed to be achieved in less than 4 seconds, with the top speed of 220 km / h and a maximum distance of 600 km.

The Absolute Best from The French Automaker

Peugeot E Legend Concept 5

PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT is not just a technological manifesto. This is the vision of a brand, PEUGEOT, actively focused on an optimistic and ultra-desirable future. For PEUGEOT, autonomous and electric are synonymous with even stronger sensations. Boredom will never be part of our DNA”. –  Jean-Philippe IMPARATO, CEO of PEUGEOT.

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