GoPro Hero 7: Dunk it. Drop it. Crash it.

Gopro Hero 7 1

GoPro inaugurates “Hero 7” in three color variants, White, Silver, and Black. The specifications also vary with different price ranges. Go Pro Hero 7 Black is the most premium variant with classy features, one of which is “Hypersmooth”.


Gopro Hero 7 6

This feature allows users to record videos with maximum stability, without the need to worry about handshake or shocks at certain times. This anti-shock mechanism is quite simple, relying on an internal camera sensor that is able to predict movement in real-time.

Then, the GoPro system will cut off the end parts of the video to adjust to a certain point so that the end result of the recording looks smooth without shock. To support this advanced feature, of course, it takes classy specifications. GoPro uses a homemade processor named “GP1” in the Hero 7 Black.


New Processor

Gopro Hero 7 2

This latest processor was first introduced in the Hero 6 Black-line. GoPro developed it thanks to the collaboration with a third-party manufacturer, namely Ambarella. Although still the same as the previous series, GoPro boasted GP1 in Hero 7 Black got much more improved performance. Due to the higher capacity of the RAM installed.


Lots and New Features

Gopro Hero 7 1

Besides Hypersmooth, there are several other excellent features in the GoPro Hero 7 Black. Among others, the ability to broadcast live to various social media (Facebook, YouTube). There is also a time warp feature, which is a time-lapse mode that has the option to speed up the duration with the best-claimed results.

Gopro Hero 7 5

In addition, there is the SuperPhoto mode which is more or less similar to the Smart HDR feature on the Google Pixel or Apple iPhone. Other specifications of this latest action camera are 4K video recording up to 60 frames per seconds (fps), 2.7K to 120 fps, and 1080 pixels to 240 fps.

Gopro Hero 7 4

The latest in line for GoPro also has the capability to dive as deep as 10m with new features that will help the user to use the camera while their hand is busy. Say one of 16 commands, including “GoPro, take a photo” or “That was sick” to tag an epic video.

Gopro Hero 7 3

The camera has a 12-megapixel quality sensor for taking photos. Users can also choose the shooting option in the RAW format for a more flexible editing process.

All three GoPro Hero 7 is available on September 27 in the markets. The price is set at 199 dollars for the White version, 299 dollars for the Silver one, and 399 dollars for the Premium Black.

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