SJCAM FunCam: The First Digital Camera Dedicated for Kids

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An action camera manufacturer, SJCAM, has just launched a new camera called FunCam. The targeted market is quite unique but the features embedded inside the camera which the price tag of $45 is quite competitive.

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FunCam is an action camera that is produced and focused on children aged 4 to 11 years. Not only focusing on the function as an action camera, but FunCam is also equipped with a variety of interesting games and frames so that it can attract children to be interested in photography at an early age.

The company is not leaving the specs as half-done since FunCam is capable of recording videos up to HD (720p) resolution with good quality, plus the process of sending the data from the camera to computer is a whole lot it easier.

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The users can also record time-lapse videos, such as recording sunrise, clouds, sunset, and much more. FunCam is also capable of recording of slow-motion videos. Furthermore, the children can also take photos of interesting objects with their friends through the 5 MP resolution camera that FunCam has.

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Just in case, the FunCam users want to take pictures with their family, friends, and relatives, they can use the Self-Timer feature on FunCam. With this feature, children can determine the precise time to shoot the target object after the shutter button is pressed.

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Photo frames and games that have been installed on this camera allow children to get inspiration to produce attractive and more artistic photos. The stock photo frames are also available to help the children to produce their best photos.

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Interestingly, FunCam also has a screen on the back complete with navigation buttons making it easier for all the users to see the results of the photos that have been taken. The users, of course, can choose or delete photos as they wish by using the available navigation buttons.

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In a way, you could say that FunCam is one of the action cameras that really can help children in exercising and developing their photography skills. Moreover, FunCam has a cute design and a small shape that create the perfect attraction for the children. SJCAM presents FunCam with 6 color choices consisting of Black, White, Pink, Blue, Orange, and Yellow.

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