Leica Sofort Orange: Frame Those Special Moments

Leica Sofort Orange 5

Instant cameras are now rarely used. But Leica just wanted to break this assumption by venturing to release their professional instant camera dubbed Sofort. Leica Sofort has been released since 2016, but many professional photographers like it. Its small form has quite a lot of advantages that can match similar cameras.

Leica Sofort Orange 5

Leica presenting this instant camera because it returns to the quality of other different types of cameras. The sophistication of the camera has also become one of the main points pinned on this Sofort. Not only does it add instant camera functions, but also provides unique accessories as a compliment.


Sophisticated Design

Leica Sofort Orange 4

Sofort comes in a box shape and has a small design, measuring 124.5mm x 93.98mm. Leica inserted various sophistication on Sofort that no other camera had. First, from the side of the lens that has a focal length of 60mm, it is certainly longer than the instant camera lens in general.

The focus distance can also be set between 6m-3m or 3m-infinite. So, users can capture images from the farthest distance or take close-up pictures.


Mod and Lots of It

Leica Sofort Orange 3

On the camera body, there is a small glass that can be used when using selfie mode. Users can use this glass to create many styles that appear in the photo later. Leica also gives photographers the opportunity to arrange the desired photos.

In addition to selfie mode, there are also Bulb, Automatic, Self-timer, Party and People, Sport and Action, Double Exposure. This mode change allows users to capture various moments at different times.

Leica Sofort Orange 2

Settings can be done via a small button on the back body of the camera. There is also a vertical screen that is the media in regulating the use of the camera. To power the battery, Leica Sofort provides a capacity of 740 mAh which can be used two to three hours. Every moment will have a retro impression that will add special memories to those who see it.



Leica Sofort Orange 1

Leica certainly wanted to gives the real satisfaction for photographers, including from the accessories side. For Sofort, there are several accessories ranging from photo paper to storage. You can still look trendy when going to parties with the addition of attractive colors from this camera. The storage area also consists of two colors, black and brown which will add to the impression of ‘old school’.

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