RoomMe: Room-Level Automation for Your Smart Home

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Imagine a house that is smart enough to adjust the temperature, lights or music based on who is in the room. This is what Intellithings is trying to bring out to live with their sensor products called RoomMe, which are now starting to heat up on Indiegogo.

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Basically, RoomMe is working based on a smartphone, so to be able to connect with someone, the sensors need to be paied with other smartphones. So, if a family member goes home rand uns out of battery or their smartphone dies, the sensor can’t work because it can’t detect an active pair.

According to Intellithings, RoomMe is compatible with a variety of smartphone products including Sonos and Bose speakers, Hue and LIFX lamps, Ecocbee Thermostats, HomeKit and Wink Systems, and hundreds of other devices compatible with ZigBee and Z-wave.

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In order to perform flawlessly, RoomMe requires a minimum of two sensors, where one sensor comes with the size of a smoke detector is placed above the entrance in each room which is a favorite place for personal automation.

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In order to avoid conflict, the smart sensor can be adjusted based on priorities, such as the Master Room, Parents, and Children. The Master Room is the first priority, even if a child is defined as a master then their parents will be ruled out. Whereas, if there are several people in the room all at the same level, then the person entering the room first will be given priority.

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RoomMe is an interesting innovation for personal home automation, and a smart system like this have been dreamed of by many people. Plus, the complex sensors are much less invasive than the use of a series of cameras and microphones that always monitor and listen to identify someone when moving from one room to another one.

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Although the system might look a bit too far from reality, RoomMe is not a bogus product since their concept and sensors have got the acknowledgment on lots of major media and are the CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Smart Home category.

At present, the starter kit of this product is available at a price of $129 which consist of two sensors, installer guide, and mounting kit.



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