BMC Alpenchallenge AMP Road One: Who wouldn’t agree that it’s fun to go fast?

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Cycling is always fun, especially if you use Alpenchallenge AMP Road One. This particular bike has several new components with a major change from the previous series in order to produce a more powerful performance.

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It’s all started with a carbon frame from capital AMP City, Sport, and Cross. The new batteries and STEPS Shimano motors provide optimal power and lower output on entry-level engines.

Alpenchallenge AMP Road One will provide a more enjoyable cycling experience, especially for those of you loves to go super fast on their bike. Even though it feels easy, this bike allows you to keep pedaling so you can still feel the challenges in cycling.

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Although many e-bikes integrate large batteries into the downtube, BMC has chosen to keep the batteries in the seat tube. The proper placement of components let Alpenchallenge AMP Road one bike to offer a cleaner aesthetic and certainly more agile respond.

Bmc Alpenchallenge Amp Road One 1

This battery placement makes the weight of the bike more focused on the center or center to maintain more weight at the end of the bike so it will not have much effect on the wheel.

For most bicycles, the bikes usually have a fairly heavy-weight, but BMC has managed to maintain its weight by only 15kg. The e-bikes embed a battery of 504 Wh so that the battery can last for quite a long time. The concept behind this is that the rider can complete one of their trips without being interrupted having to recharge the batteries.

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BMC certainly pinned a lot of advanced technology on their bike, one of which is Micro Travel Technology (MTT). With this technology, the bike offers a 10mm trip from an elastomer that is installed between a fixed seat tube and a seat tube.

The D-shaped seat post is also designed to be able to go forward and backward so you can adjust yourself to the level of comfort. The D-shaped frame and pole are quite flexible but retain the rigidity so that it can set just right to give the proper comfortable cycling.

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Last but not least, the full carbon frame and fork are designed to handle 40mm wide tires. By going through with this decision, BMC gives their Alpenchallenge AMP Road One not only the stability to let the rider feels comfortable even when they are not on smooth roads, but also the appropriate riding experience on the uneven terrain.


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