Valyrian Steel Razors: All Men Must Shave!

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No one can deny that facial hair gives their own impression to men where they look more masculine. However, you must ensure that the facial hair grows neatly. Therefore, you need a shaver that can cut the facial hair neatly without giving pain.

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Razors are identical to men because they use them more often than women – duh. In order to captivate the hearts of consumers, Firebox release a shaver that got a classy designed with classic wood carvings embedded on it.

But, the surprise doesn’t stop there as the Valyrian Steel Razors got its name from one of the most-watched television – yup – Game of Thrones. But we do need to remind you that, the Valyrian Steel Razors is still a gimmick product in which the company hasn’t decided on the production yet.

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Although it looks trivial, not everyone dares to shave their facial hair because some of them think that shaving is a painful thing, but worry not, with a Valyrian razor, you can shave your mustache or beard more easily, it’s like using a sharp sword – err.

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Quality steel material that was once degraded, is now experiencing the latest innovations that make this razor steel capable of being a favorite weapon on the occasion that you want to tidy up your facial hair. In one set, these razors provide exceptional performance.

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As you know, each Valyrian Steel Razors has extra sharpness to help ease the process. With exceptional sharpness, this razor can swoop your facial hair in one fell swoop. Not only is it easy to use but this shaver also makes sure that the surface of the skin get cut in a smooth way.

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On how to use it, it’s actually very easy as you don’t need to put extra pressure because by lightly directing the blade, the shaver can cut the hair cleanly. Its sharpness then will need more attention as you have to be more careful in using it as not to harm your skin.

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Just like all the famous sword on the Game of Thrones series, Firebox also trying their best to match each of the swords, Valyrian Steel Razors is available in a variety of variations that make it different according to taste.

Some variants that you can choose include Arya’s Dagger, Heartsbane, Longclaw, Oathkeeper, and Widow’s Wail.

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All variants have the same price tag of $ 22.25 (19.99 Euro) so you can choose according to your needs without thinking about the budget.

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