CityScrambler – Electric Adventure Bike: Combines Throwback Looks with the Best of Modern Technology

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Electric bikes are getting more sophisticated and modern with the latest technology and advancement. Just like this one particular bike. The bikemaker of CityScrambler really combines the best throwback looks and modern technology to enable the bike to run as fast as 28 mph.

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Talking about electric bicycles and we just can’t separate the topics of battery power because of the capacity of the power source is always perpendicular to the overall performance of the electric bike.

CityScrambler embeds battery capacity with the 52V platform to increase the reach. In addition, there are also two choices of battery power that can be adjusted to your needs, 52V / 13Ah and 52V / 19.2Ah.

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The 52V platform with 13Ah is suitable for those who love to go on great adventures. However, if you want to get a more powerful performance, you can try the 52V platform with 19Ah. The higher thrust will allow you to ride the bike quicker on a longer period.

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CityScrambler has indeed ticked all the need to be a good companion for those of you who like to go on adventures to various challenging terrain. With 750 Watt power and protruding tires, the e-bike can take you to across various fields whether it’s uphill, downhill, winding and even on the terrain like gravel.

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CityScrambler is designed with a universal size or generally applicable to fit the 5’4 “or above rider. Handlebars can also be adjusted to your height so that it can allow for a comfortable riding position. It also comes with a long padded chair that provides plenty of room to find the most comfortable position.

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The bike which has a retro design also embeds various innovative and modern features so that it can help to pass any terrain comfortably. The combination of HyperFat 1100 and RipCurrent S are already popular on a modern electric bicycle and is one of the most important pillars on building the bike.

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You need to cough up $ 1,599.00 to take home the sophistication of the features embedded in the retro-style, innovative and sophisticated electric bicycle. CityScrambler will surely help your next urban assault ride in style! Try it now

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    • Color: Black
    • Motor: 750 Watt (Mag)
    • Top Speed: up to 28mph
    • Display: Advanced Matrix LCD Display
    • Tires: Innova Road Tire – 20″x4.25
    • Battery: 52V/13Ah
    • Front Fork: Coil Suspension
    • Weight: 78 lb with battery | 68 lb without battery
    • Pedal Assist: Cadence/Pedal Assist
    • Throttle: Twist
    • Head Light: 1050 Lumen
    • Tail Light: AA Powered
    • Charger: 2A
    • Brakes: Hydraulic 180mm
    • Gears: Shimano 7 Speed freewheel
    • Front Fork: Coil Suspension



CityScrambler – Electric Adventure Bike

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