SONY V71 High-Power Audio System: Beats, rhythms, and lights

Sony V71 High Power Audio System 9

If you are one of those party animals, you will certainly know that an audio system is one of the most important features to create a mood at a party. SONY clearly see through the thing and release V71 with its Bluetooth technology that was promised can make any party atmosphere more lively.

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A party without music will not be festive. Music can make your party guests enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. Especially with the help of an audio system that is clear, strong and keep the vibe.

With the beat and rhythm that is clear, any songs will create more impact. With the Sony V71, you can enjoy high-quality live music wherever the party is held, both indoors and outdoors.

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The connection through the speakers can be established via Bluetooth so that they are easier to control. In addition, you can also input two mics if you want to sing to cheer up the party atmosphere even more. You can even connect it with 50 other compatible audio systems that is listed on the product guide.

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There are two modes that you can try out while boasting the V71 speaker, the Taiko mode and the Taiko Game mode. With Taiko mode, you can play samplers, such as Japanese bongs, surdo, djembe just by tapping on the top panel in time.

Whereas, for Taiko Game mode allows you to test your rhythm by tapping the top panel on time. You can see who gets the highest score at the party through the lights so you can make it an exciting game.

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Engineers at Sony also realize that any party can get more perfect if it held at night with the help of colorful lights to resemble the atmosphere of a bar. Well, the Sony V71 is equipped with just that.

You can turn on the party lights so that all angles will create a pleasant sensation that will help boost the atmosphere of an authentic nightclub or festival. You can also let the audio system to follow all your favorite tracks in Taiko mode.

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The sophisticated speakers are crafted in a tubular shape with handles and castors that make it easy for you to rotate from one place to another. In order to move Sony V71, you can simply hold on to a comfortable grip and tilt it back.

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The mid and tweeter speakers are specifically designed to direct the sound in a wider direction so that everyone can enjoy the music. The speaker’s top surface is made with anti-splash, dustproof and easy to clean.

With all of the perks that are embedded in the V71 Audio System, Sony is putting on a tag of $ 499,99 which is quite cheap.



SONY V71 High-Power Audio System

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