TicPods Free: Interactive Wireless Earbuds with Bluetooth Design for Clear Audio

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TicPods Free is designed for you who love to listen to a clear sound in your favorite music. These interactive wireless earbuds offer a Bluetooth feature, best touch controls, an automatic in-ear detection, and compatibility with Android and iOS. Using TicPods Free, you will get ultimate control features to listen to any sounds or any songs as you wish.


TicPods Free 4


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TicPods Free is an award-winning product designed by Mobvoi. With your own power of touch, you can stay off your smartphone easily. You can also hear the calls in your eras with the ambient noise cancellation and the noise isolation.



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You just need touch on the stem on TicPods Free to use it. It lets you slide the volume down and up, skip songs, turn on the voice assistant, and also end or take the calls. You can do all those things without touching your smartphone screen.

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You can adjust the volume by sliding TicPods Free up and down. If you want to end a call or skip a song, just double tap on it. The voice assistant can be activated with the 2 seconds long press, it is the same when you want to reject calls too. TicPods Free is also designed with Tickle, touch controls on the hardware.



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When you listen to a sound, you can use the in-ear detection on TicPods Free. It is seamless and smart because it will know when you are listening. The music will be paused when you take one of the earbuds out and it will resume when you use it back.



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TicPods Free will not give you any significant lags when you watch a video or play some games. These wireless earbuds are optimized with the minimized audio lag and signal transmission. You can enjoy watch videos even when you are on a train to work.



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TicPods Free has silicone tips which are paired with the ergonomic design. It will give you a comfortable noise isolation. You will hear what you should hear only. This noise-isolating design is the best design to listen to any sounds in your ears.



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When other wireless earbuds only let you hear the calls in one ear only, TicPods Free is different. The call audio can be heard clearly in both ears. That’s why this product can be called as true wireless earbuds ever.


Noise Cancelling

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TicPods Free can cancel out the external sounds, ambient noises, and other voices, especially when you are on a call. This ambient noise-canceling will isolate your voice. It feels like you are using this product in a very quiet room.



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Just long press TicPods Free for two seconds, it lets you access the voice assistant. With this voice assistant, you can make calls. control kinds of music, and also receive some notifications.



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This product is not only designed with the best technology but also with the beautiful colors to match your taste. TicPods Free comes in three colors, white, blue, and red.


Listening and Charging

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The total listening time that you can get from TicPods Free is about 18 hours, 4 hours for a single charge and 14 hours for charging case. The fast charging time just needs 15 minutes and you will get 85 minutes for the listing time.



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You can use TicPods Free when you are sweating or even in the rain. The dust and water resistance are a rating of IPX5, so you don’t have to worry when your earbuds get wet.

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