Köllen Eget: A Functional and Smart Work Desk for Your Workspace

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Köllen Eget is the only thing that you need when you are ready to work. It is not only a functional work desk but also a smart desk. The style is perfect for your cool style in working and the design offers all things in working. Köllen Eget is a product from Kollen Design. With the innovative idea, you can create your own comfortable workspace ever.


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The design of Köllen Eget is used the new technologies to help you create an innovative workspace. This kind of design allows you to organize your own workspace. You can also use Köllen Eget to be adapted to your new working environment easily.



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Köllen Eget has a functionality and simplicity style. This style is combined with the care and dynamism on its ending touches. With the materials that it used, this work desk feels warmer and also practical with the coherent and simple designs too.



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Köllen Eget offers an integrated system with some best features. It has a wireless charger, 4 USB ports, and also 4 plugs for induction. This desk also comes in some storage spaces with the ambient lighting. The lighting can be turned on by a motion sensor. You will also get an environment and sound separator complete with an integrated magnetic whiteboard too.



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The desk is made from two main materials, lacquered finishes in matte white and also oak wood. The whiteboard is designed with magnetic board laminated with the PET. The sound panel consists of 60% recycled plastic PET. The linear light is made from aluminum injected and a LED light.



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You don’t have to worry about this awesome work desk dimensions. The size will not spend your workspace too much. Köllen Eget is 165 cm in length, 65 cm in width, and also 80 cm in height. This kind of dimensions is already perfect for your working activities.



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Köllen Eget is built for your who often work in a desk. The whole design of this awesome work desk will make you feel comfortable to use it. The surface design is smooth, making your work on a board or a tablet much easier.

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