DUOO: Writing Desk for Ambitious and Modern Personalities


DUOO is an iconic writing desk with a stylish design. It shows the purity of the absence and lines in furniture details. This writing desk is made with natural veneer, offering a smooth texture of the wood. DUOO becomes a part of DUOO furniture collection by ZEGEN. It is a perfect writing desk for those with ambitious and modern personalities.



DUOO comes in 1500 x 720 x 750 for the length, width, and height. This writing desk uses veneer and laminated chipboard for the materials. This kind of size and materials make DUOO is comfortable to be used for any works of you.




The simple design and form make this writing table look elegant. It will not only be your best writing desk but also a furniture that can decorate your home interior well. Just make sure you put it right to show how perfect the design is.




On the right side, you will get a small black tray. You can put your working stuff on it such as notes, pens, and etc. Or if you want to make your writing desk of DUOO looks simple, then just put one thing on this tray as a desk accessory.




Right on the surface part of DUOO, you will have a functional part to charge your laptop and your smartphone. Through this part, you can connect the cable without disturbing your desk space. This kind of design will make your writing desk keeps tidy.




Beside the tray, DUOO also offers one simple drawer right in the middle of the table. This drawer has been divided into some parts. You can put your books in the middle, pens on the right side, and your power bank on the left side.

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